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How to care for your Foxcreek Bow Knife and Cutting Board

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The Foxcreek Bow Knife


The Mahogany and Maple has all been recaptured. Our knife is a little different from most due to the unique angle of our knife and the thicker steel blade. The reason for the angle is so that you can get a complete cut without the bow part of the knife touching the board. And the reason for the thicker blade is so that you can cut many hard vegetables even butternut squash. The Blade is carbon steel so that is why it will stay sharp 15-20 years. You do not have to sharpen the blade. We do sell replacement blades for 5.00 if you need one (not for pruning roses.) However, since we put on our blades with a jig, you would need to mail it to us once dull to receive new blade. It is truly the best knife you can put in your kitchen. We hope you enjoy our handcrafted knife!

Directions for use:The Bow  Knife—To hold put thumb on foxes tail and index finger along the back of the bow. Like you are scratching his back. Look at the blade and hold straight up and down. Do not worry about the handle. Its awkward at first but,  once you use it and get used to the way to hold your knife it truly is the most comfortable tool you will have. Remember help it cut don’t force it.  We recommend that you only use wood cutting boards with our bow knife. If you use glass or other rock or marble type substances you will dull your knife.

Never put in dishwasher, and never leave in sink for it WILL rust. If you were to let it rust, you can use steel wool to get the rust off and then oil your blade with Mineral oil  or  olive oil. To wash simply use a mild detergent, NO BLEACH, clean from the blunt side of knife. DRY the blade. More people get cut putting the cover back on. So leave it off or use at your discretion. 

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The cutting board—Never soak your board or put in dishwasher.  Clean your board with any mild dish soap, again no bleach, use white vinegar for disinfecting. You would then need to dry and apply mineral oil or your choice of a beeswax wood spoon mixture. For the first few months you will want to season your cutting board by applying mineral oil to it at least once a week. After a few months, oil when board looks dry.

Items we recommend cutting with our bow knife—bread, bagels, pineapple, apples(don't turn brown), avocados, tomatoes, celery, cabbage and lettuce(shreds these very fine), onions, sweet potatoes, butternut and acorn squash,  corn(takes it off the cob), turnips, ginger, cooked meats such as pork tenderloin, turkey, ham, pepperoni,  deli chickens, also will cut raw meats. We do not recommend it for raw chicken unless it is still a little frozen.  Also this knife makes the best cheese knife too, just simply push straight down through the cheese. Everything else is a sawing motion but cheese you push straight through.  We hope this gives you many ideas to make your life easier in the kitchen. Thank  you

The Foxcreek Family

Also, some natural holes and blemishes are to be expected occasionally. We do use recaptured woods in our wonderful Knives.

Written by Joe Nelson — June 15, 2018


Foxcreek Basket Co. is family owned and operated, out of Trinity, AL. We are third generation producers of high quality hand-crafted products. And we are proud that we recapture mahogany to make all of our wonderful products!

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