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Cutting Board-- Farmhouse Mahogany Board with drip trail and Bow Knife

Cutting Board-- Farmhouse Mahogany Board with drip trail and Bow Knife

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Changes blade from Carbon Steel to Stainless Steel. Shorter life of Blade but less maintenance.
Have your Item Monogrammed just put in this Box what you want it to say.
Choose what you would like engraved the Board or knife
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If you would like a longer blade choose your weapon here :} Standard blade is approx 7 3/4 cutting edge.

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Farmhouse is where it is at! If you want a cutting board that will stand out in your kitchen, then this one will do the job! It is so beautiful with solid mahogany black or white distressing on the side of the board and the black or white distressed bow knife to match. The cutting board cones with a blood route on one side and the knife slot on the other to hold your knife.  Just choose the size you need. 

The bow knife is a carbon steel blade which will stay sharp for 15 to 20 years. This knife is one of the easiest knives to cut with due to its unique style of the bow. You do not push when you cut with this knife, you simply saw back and forth and let the knife do it all for you. We have had many testimonies from customers with Carpel Tunnel, MS, Arthritis, and so forth. You do not squeeze this knife, you keep your index finger straight along the back of the bow and you put your thumb on the foxes tail. Since their is no grasping with this knife it relaxes you all the way to your shoulders as you are cutting your favorite veggies or fruits or meats. We send care instructions out with the shipment. And you can watch videos of us demonstrating it on our Facebook Page. 

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