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Cutting Board- End Grain Mahogany Cutting Board

Cutting Board- End Grain Mahogany Cutting Board

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This is our thicker end grain cutting board. It is a 2 inch thick mahogany end grain cutting board. End grain is a lot harder than top grain, so this makes a better cutting board. Even after cutting on this board for say 5 years you would just have scratches and no deep gauges. This beautiful end grain mahogany cutting board does not have a blood route. It is smooth on both sides so if you want to you can cut on both sides or put those rubber feet on it so it will not slide around while cutting and only cut on one side. Mahogany ages beautifully too! The more you oil it the darker it will become. Comes with care instructions. Just choose  your size. If you would like a blood route on this thicker board please contact us. Otherwise look at our thinner mahogany end grain boards online with blood routes as a option. 

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