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Fractal Burnt Mahogany Cutting Board w/ bow knife

Fractal Burnt Mahogany Cutting Board w/ bow knife

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This beautiful cutting board with the front of the board fractal burn, which is done with running a electric current through the wood, will make a statement in your home. The opposite side of the board is the cutting board side and this side has a deep blood trail that will catch any juices and keep it from going on the counter. Also you can use the show side (fractal burn side that the knife sits in) for Charcuterie.  If you are looking for that perfect gift for your grandfather, father, husband, or boyfriend then this board will delight them for sure! The bow knife is fractal burn as well and it has a meat blade on the knife so it will cut any meats, as well as anything else. It is a all in one knife that will literally cut everything and will stay sharp up to 10 to 20  years depending on if you go with carbon(20 years) or stainless steel (10 years). The carbon steel blade will rust if you do not keep it dry but it is the sharper blade. The stainless steel is a no maintenance blade and will not rust but will loose its edge faster. We do sell replacement blades if you ever need a new blade. 

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