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Foxcreek Bow Knife/ Tennessee Mountain Bow Knife

 You may have seen knives of this nature before and even purchased one and thought it was the best knife you ever had. But we have taken the original fiddle or bow knife and took it to the next level. First our handle is contoured to fit the shape of your hand. Second the blade is bigger and on an angle so the blade makes a clean cut and you do not have to cut on the end of a cutting board or pick up what you are cutting to finish the cut. In other words the blade touches the chopping block and not the bow of the knife. This knife cuts Hot fresh bread, tomatoes, butternut squash (without heating first), sweet potatos (for sweet potato chips), celery without strings to pull, cuts corn off the cob, shreds cabbage or lettuce and any other fruits or vegetables you want to cut. Can be used for meats and to filet fish. When used on a wood chopping block the blade should last 15-20 years. (Do not use to cut plastic, metal, or bone.) Also we will send care and use instructions with each purchase.


Foxcreek Basket Co. is family owned and operated, out of Trinity, AL. We are third generation producers of high quality hand-crafted products. And we are proud that we recapture mahogany to make all of our wonderful products!

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