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Beef Brisket Mahogany Fractal Burnt Bow Knife

Beef Brisket Mahogany Fractal Burnt Bow Knife

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Right or left hand

Our Beef Brisket Bow Knife is perfect for carving that beautiful piece of Brisket you just smoked! It is 2 inches longer than our standard knife to allow you to move the knife back and forth through the big chunk of brisket. This is a perfect gift for the man in your life who loves to smoke meat! The  carbon steel will stay sharp for up to 20 years but you do have to make sure you dry it after washing or it could rust. But even if it did rust you can take steel wool and clean the blade of rust. Our care instructions are on our website that explain this. If you choose stainless steel it will not rust but it does not stay as sharp. It will only stay sharp up to 10 years and it is overall weaker so too much pressure and you can break it. It is however more expensive  running at $7.00 more for stainless on this longer knife. 

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