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Coupon Organizer Basket

Coupon Organizer Basket

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 You know how you see people in grocery stores looking through stacks of coupons, well with this basket you can be organized. It comes with 30 colored files so that you can list all your categories. I recommend the envelopes that have a straight back with the sticker closing option because these have a higher back so that your coupons will not fall out. Just leave the flap of the envelope up(do not close) and right on the flap, for example, under the category personal hygiene you would have envelopes that would read shampoo and conditioner, deo.,lotion,toothpaste, razors, and etc. Also this basket has leather handles so that you can carry it everywhere and will fit in the baby seat of the shopping cart. 12L x 6W x 6H

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