Foxcreek Baskets

Cutting board--Stripes Board and Bow Knife w/drip trail

If you love natural colors of different woods then this beautiful Cutting board w/bow knife set is for you. You will sure be the envy of your guests when carving a turkey or ham on this colorful board! Our bow knife will carve a turkey of ham with the greatest of ease. Check out videos on our Facebook of Joe cutting up a Pork Tenderloin nice and piping hot right out of the oven with our Bow Knife. This knife will also cut pineapples, Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, cheese, tomatoes, onions(you will not tear up), apples(they will not go brown when cut by our knife) as well as fresh Bread. Check out our videos of our Bow knife on our Facebook Page. We use woods such as Blood wood, Pauduk, Mahogany, Cherry, Bubinga, Ipe, Wenge, black walnut, and Maple. Choose if you need a right handed or left handed bow knife. Typically the bow knife that goes with this set will be black walnut.


Foxcreek Basket Co. is family owned and operated, out of Trinity, AL. We are third generation producers of high quality hand-crafted products. And we are proud that we recapture mahogany to make all of our wonderful products!


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