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Bread Knife with cutting board Sourdough knife

Bread Knife with cutting board Sourdough knife

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If you would like a longer blade choose your weapon here :} Standard blade is approx 7 3/4 cutting edge.

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 These boards start at $60.00 for a 5" wide and are 1 7/8" thick and 18 3/4" long. The 5" and 6" Boards do not have handles. They have a cut out to hold your Bow Knife for serving. They come in Mahogany or Maple. You can choose the width of your cutting board. These knifes have been made for several years but we simply have the best one on the market, due to the shape of our handles as well as the type of blade we use. They have been designed to feel better, cut cleaner, and last longer. Most importantly our knives designed so that the blade touches the work surface and the wood of the knife never touches. Put our knife in your hand and you will know it is true.

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