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Fractal Burnt Bow Knife

Fractal Burnt Bow Knife

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Our amazing bow knife with electric current ran through the wood is now available. It makes a statement laying on your cutting board or hanging up in your kitchen. Our bow knife has a meat blade on it and will cut or carve all meats, but it also cuts all  hard and difficult to cut vegetables and fruits such as pineapple, butternut squash, sweet potatoes.

This knife will take corn right of the cob, shred cabbage and lettuce, apples do not turn brown when cutting a apple with  our knife. Also when you cut a onion you do not tear up since our blade is so sharp that it doesn’t bruise the fruits or vegetables. And the best feature is that our knife is designed for you to relax in your hand while cutting so if you have carpel tunnel, arthritis, any hand, wrist pain, arm, or shoulder pain our knife makes all the difference. The fractal burn knife is a amazing gift for all men since they love knives plus the fractal burn. 

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